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Steam sets new record of 30 million concurrent players

Steam’s new record reached 30 million concurrent users using the service. This means Valve can celebrate its consistent record-breaking performance across its flagship service. And perhaps it’s time for Half-Life 3 already? Just throwing it out there…

Valve’s record was registered via the SteamDB website, which counted 30,032,005 users in a single Sunday. As per Valve’s own count, 30,024,670 users were at the service’s peak. Around this same time last year, the service reached 27 million concurrent users.

Another impressive milestone aside from Steam’s 30-million record – at the time also logged by SteamDB – was set during the pandemic: at that time around 20.3 million PC Gamers used the service simultaneously on March 2020. The date coincides with the full outbreak of the pandemic, and as the accompanying wave of worldwide lockdowns began.


From 2020 to the present, there hasn’t been much change between big titles. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remains the most-played game on the platform, followed by Dota 2, Lost Ark, PUBG, Apex Legends, and GTA V.

Can anyone imagine the next mega-hit being on this list? If you’re open to suggestions, it’s in the first paragraph.

Epic recorded a peak of 13.2 million players using the service in 2021, as in their Year in Review released earlier this year.