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Shoot for the stars

Starfield team reportedly over twice the size of Fallout 76

Bethesda was once the gaming world’s darling, with hit after hit to their name. Now, our most recent memory of them was the dud of Fallout 76 as we wait for Starfield.

Fallout 4 was the last, proper, main-line Bethesda game. Starfield is the next one, but we can’t completely ignore the issues that Fallout 76 had.

With this debacle fresh in gamers’ minds, it’s tough to trust Bethesda the way we used to. We’d all love for Starfield to be the next “best game ever” from Bethesda, but we’re skeptical.

Starfield team reportedly over twice the size of Fallout 76

Working hard on Starfield

The most recent Starfield news comes from an interview that Bethesda’s Nate Purkeypile did with PCGamesn.

According to Purkeypile, Starfield is the biggest game that Bethesda has ever made, and they’re using their resources accordingly.

For reference, the Fallout 76 team was, “Maybe 200 [people], tops.” While Starfield has a team of around 500.


Purkeypile went on to say that there are 1,000 explorable planets in the game with over 100 procedurally generated solar systems.

As we learned in Fallout 76, though, bigger isn’t always better. This was the “biggest game” Bethesda had ever made as well, but most of that space was an empty wasteland with little to explore.

Personally, I’m still excited to see what Todd Howard and the boys have for us with Starfield. At the same time, I’ll be holding off buying it until I see the first round of reviews. No pre-order this time Bethesda.

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