Credit: Valve | Dota 2

Spring Cleaning Update: Now sell an item for full price, WOW! T&C apply*

Swords have been swapped out for brooms and the barracks are being sweeped up.

The new Spring Cleaning Update 2022 brings bug fixes and a passel of quality–of-life improvements.

Improvements to Aghanim’s tooltips, Muting controls, Shop searches, or Demo Hero mode, etc. have been implemented.

While most of the update is focused towards making Dota 2 look more clean, there’s three important gameplay fixes that caught our attention:

  • Boots of Travel are less likely to target a creep when cast in range of a tower.
  • Players can now sell an item for full price for the first 30 seconds after the game begins instead of the normal 10-second sellback period.
  • Riki can now cast Smoke Screen while channeling Tricks of the Trade without breaking the channel even if “Channel Requires Hold/Stop” is enabled.

The rest, as usual, can be found here.

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