Spoilers Inside: MAD Lions kick off MSI campaign against PSG Talon


MAD Lions pulled out the Lee Sin top, which is a pick that has been rising in popularity in solo queue, with PSG’s only interesting pick being the Sett mid into Ryze. Other than that, it was all the picks we saw during regular season. Boring.

Despite a weak level one, which saw Carzzy forced to recall and come to lane late, MAD Lions struck first. Carzzy and Kaiser caught out Doggo and Kaiwing in the river with Elyoya there to lend a helping hand, and MAD Lions got a kill onto their ADC and Jungler before minute 5.

You don’t mess with Tristana/Nautilus/Udyr in the first few minutes, even if Elyoya isn’t allowed a red buff.

The king of the jungle

Everything quickly went downhill for PSG. Elyoya came bot again and grabbed another kill on the bot lane, and in an attempt to salvage the bot lane, PSG went for the four man dive. And they got Tristana! Hell yeah!

Then Lee Sin and Ryze joined the party for MAD Lions, picked up a kill each and even left one for Nautilus. Ah.

Kaiser was unlocked, getting kills around the map, and burning flashes all over the place. River grabbed himself a kill on an overextended Humanoid, and then a wandering Kaiser, but he had all three of PSG’s kills.

From there, it was all by the numbers. MAD Lions continued to win skirmish after skirmish, and a Baron Nashor bait grabbed them four kills plus the giant purple worm. 

Encouraging signs for EU fans. Maybe we don’t need G2 after all…

“This guy is making a Nautilus highlight reel”

Kobe, on Kaiser during the game.

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