Credit: ESL

In the first round of playoff matches at the ESL Pro League Season 15, ENCE dominated Fnatic. Their young Israeli rifler Lotan “Spinx” Giladi had an incredible performance, landing him in today’s spotlight.

Spinx joined ENCE at the start of 2021, following a disappointing stint on c0ntact Gaming, as an entry fragger.

His 2021 had been ‘okay.’ He averaged a 1.13 HLTV rating but only a 53% success rate on opening kills.

But yesterday’s performance against Fnatic saw Spinx ascend to another level.

The entry menace


Spinx was close to unbeatable in opening duels against Fnatic. On 15 attempts across the two maps, he averaged a success rate of 80%

Most importantly, he dominated Fnatic’s star rifler, William “mezii” Merriman, and AWPer Valentin “Poizon” Vasilev. He managed to kill the duo seven times while not dying a single time himself.

ENCE has made it clear that they want to become more than just a dark horse team this year.

Spinx’s performances will be crucial in doing so.

Spinx’s performance against Fnatic

  • K/D (A): 52/24 (9)
  • ADR: 114.7
  • Opening kills: 12
  • KAST: 83.7%
  • HLTV rating: 1.75

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