Spicy Fortnite leaks include Family Guy & Darth Vader skins

Desth, taxes, and Fortnite crossovers: the only guarantees in life.

We’re at a point where, if a piece of media is popular enough, it will get a Fortnite crossover.

With several Star Wars crossovers already in the books, it’s stunning to see that we don’t have legacy characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in Fortnite.

Well, that might not be the case for long. Eagle-eyed Fortnite leakers saw some Fortnite files on the computer during the newest Unreal Engine showcase. One of these hinted to a Darth Vader skin.

As you can see, Family Guy was included in this screenshot as well. While Family Guy is far from as relevant as it once was, it’s a bit of a meme to see Peter Griffin running around the Fortnite island.

Doom? Who knows. We already have a Dr. Doom in Fortnite, unless it’s some sort of teaser for a future MCU crossover – similar to having multiple Spider Man skins.

MF DOOM? I can only hope – but probably not.

Juicy, juicy leaks, folks. Pretty soon, we’ll be able to team up with Peter Griffin and Lord Vader.

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