Sources: LeBron, Rubi0o & Lmzs to join Esports Empire in Italy

Former Barcelona jungler Dimitar “LeBron” Kostadinov is reportedly joining Esports Empire in the PG Nationals (Italy) league, according to journalist Francesco “DeugemoTwo” Lombardo and confirmed by Jaxon’s sources.

Alongside him, former UCAM Tokies top laner Antonio “Rubi0o” Cruz Clavel and mid laner Iliya “Lmzs” Razhgev are also expected to join the organization, sources have told Jaxon. 

Esports Empire are set to keep their bot lane duo of AD carry Filippo “Sandalo” Laghi and support Federico “Paradox” Princiotta Cariddi. 

Ribi0o and Lebron played together in Real Betis during 2021 and reached the LVP Superliga finals during Spring 2021. The duo also qualified for the group stage of the 2021 EU Masters Spring edition, where they suffered an early exit due to placing in the same group with eventual finalists Karmine Corp and BT Excel. 

As for Lmzs, he played in Croatian organization Valiance and reached the finals of the 2022 Esports Balkan League (EBL) Spring split. He also reached the Play-In stage of the 2022 EU Masters Spring split, but the team finished last in their group with a 1-5 record. 

As for Esports Empite, they are a new organization. Founded in 2021, the team spent one split in the second league of Italy, placed 1st  and got automatically promoted for the 2022 PG Nationals(first league of Italty) after Mkers announced their withdrawal from the league. 

Despite missing the playoffs in their first PGNats season, the organization had a decent split, finishing with a 7-7 record. With the reported new additions, Esports Empire aims to win the PG Nationals and qualify for the 2022 EU Masters summer split group stage. 

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