Credit: Leaguepedia

Sources: AD carry xMatty to join Team BDS for 2021

According to sources close to Jaxon, xMatty has reached a verbal agreement with BDS to be their AD Carry in the LEC.

The player's current contract runs out on Nov.14, 2021 and he is expected to sign with the Team BDS once the free agency opens. 

A seasoned player in the European Regional Leagues (ERL)xMatty joined Karmine Corp in the French League (LFL) in 2021 and made history by winning back-to-back European Masters titles. Karmine Corp is the first team in ERL history to win back-to-back European Masters titles. 

The player won the LFL in Spring 2021 and was very close to do so in the Summer Split as well, losing to Misfits Premier in the finals by a single game. 

xMatty was among the top performing AD Carries in the ERLs, and he caught the eye of many teams during the offseason. The 22-year-old player will show his talent at the top league in Europe, the LEC.