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Sonic Frontiers is changing Sonic as we know it

In what seems like an eternity for fans, Sonic Frontiers is almost here. Set to be the blue speedster’s biggest adventure, Frontiers will see a massive shift in the series formula.

As you might’ve heard or seen in the memes, Sonic is going open-world. In what appears to be a Breath of the Wild-inspired take, Frontiers will let Sonic run free through a bunch of different locales.

If we’re being honest, the game wasn’t looking hot after IGN covered it back in June. It looked fan-made, but in the worst way possible, and the comments were brutal.

However, it seems like times are changing.

Since June, new footage has shown plenty of improvement. Will it be enough? Who knows.

The newest batch of footage focuses on how you can shape Sonic your way.

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Sonic Team

Upgrade away

Along with the new gameplay loop, Sonic is changing. For the first time ever, the blue blur will have a skill tree that’ll unlock new skills.

Fallen foes will drop “Skill Pieces” that you’ll collect to then spend on your skills trees. Meanwhile, collecting the scattered Red and Blue Seeds will upgrade your power and defense.

The skill tree contains some pretty cool abilities. The video showcases a Phantom Rush skill that unleashes a world of speedy hurt after amassing a high combo.

To go with that, Sonic Boom launches a flurry of shockwaves at foes, and Wild Rush is a nod to Dragon Ball Z as Sonic will fly around the map in a blaze of blue.

Outside of skill tree abilities, Sonic will need to master a variety of abilities. His Cyloop ability will break down enemy shields and use his Parry skill to reverse incoming damage.

A lot of these abilities are familiar variants of skills you’ve seen in other games. However, I highly salute the Sonic Team for making it look way better than what we’ve seen.

Again, time will tell how this plays. It launches alongside God of War Ragnarok which is a death sentence alone.

Yet, it might work out well in the end. Sonic Frontiers arrives on November 8.

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