Yuumi is not the best guess for LoLdle Classic, but let us help you solve it fast.
Credit: Riot Games


How to solve LoLdle’s Classic mode fast and easy: a guide

Wordle and its derivatives have made their way to League of Legends as LoLdle has emerged. In fact, it is going strong, with at least 100k daily players. However, the struggle can be real, especially as, unlike Wordle, other factors come into play when guessing champions. So, we have compiled a quick guide to help you, and maybe make it easier.

Are there any tricks to solving LoLdle classic?

League of Legends has 161 champions total, and we have compiled a list containing all the info regarding their release dates. That said, it can get messy. But because there is a set limit, we can provide strict recommendations, even going as far as saying that there is a strategy to solving it.

To solve LoLdle Classic quickly, we heavily recommend starting at the mid-way mark with champions released in 2011 or 2012, ideally using Varus as he covers a broad range of characteristics.

Why pick Varus as a starting LoLdle guess?

Varus answers the following characteristics:

  • Male
  • Bot lane / mid lane
  • Darkin, God-Warrior, and Human
  • Uses Mana as a resource
  • Ranged champion
  • Is originally from Ionia, but his Darkin weapon is from Shurima. As his whereabouts are unknown, Runeterra also emerges as a guess
  • Released in 2012, eliminating at least 50% of the total champions

What can I do with this information?

The most important bits of information lie in the release date, the lane, the location, and the gender. Although other pieces of information are useful, they may not help us inform future guesses as well as the release date would.

Using the release date to trim further guesses:

  • If the champion was released before 2012, 84 champions remain. We heavily advise using a champion from 2009 as the second guess, as that would cut off exactly half of the remaining guesses.
  • In 2012, Riot Games released exactly 19 champions.
  • After 2012, only 58 champions remain. We would argue that it becomes a little trickier from there.
What to do from there

The ideal second guess would correspond, as best as possible, to your choice of date, to the gender of the champion, and to its given range.

How can we solve the LoLdle Quote, Ability, and Splash modes?

Those modes don’t have a cut-and-dry method for solving them, and a lot of it will come down to memorization. That said, Riot Games has ensured that champions fit into thematics (e.g.: Yuumi’s ability icons will be different from those of Darius).

In the same vein, quotes reveal more about a champion’s thematic and place in the Runeterra universe, and they are an invitation to check Riot Games’ rich game lore—one that they are fleshing out as their MMO looms. In that way, a quote that stumped many people, the long “holy fire” one, immediately reminded lore buffs of Kayle.

As for the splash part, good luck. No, don’t cheat by using Google’s Search Lens functionality, we’re onto you.