Credit: Riot Games

controversial changes

Solo queue players flee as Zeri’s win rate speeds upwards on Patch 12.11

League of Legends’ Patch 12.11 featured many controversial balance changes, and some of the biggest ones targeted Zeri.

It has been a wild ride for Zeri players since her release back in January, but Riot won’t put an end to the crazy rollercoaster ride. In the recent patch, Riot made a big adjustment for Zeri, causing her win rate to surge spectacularly.

From the rear of the win-rate charts on patch 12.10 (46.35% win rate), she sped up and returned in the bot lane on patch 12.11 with 50.69% wins—almost a 4% increase in just one patch.

From dog tier to S-tier in the blink of an eye. Thanks, Rito (?)

Even though her win rate isn’t enough to send her to the top of the win-rate charts, that’s by no means necessary. On patch 12.10, Zeri was gathering dust; now, she is the third-most played champion in the entire game, with over 116,000 games tracked.

Why have Zeri’s win rate and pick rate spiked?

This change in win rate is based on the many adjustments Riot made in the previous patch. There is quite a lot to go through, but tl;dr: Zeri has received some solid buffs on her Lightning Crash ultimate and Ultrashock Laser (W).

The changes mean that Zeri can now snipe players through walls with her W to ensure a critical hit. This won’t just make up for some funny highlights in the future but also be a great damage tool. 
Zeri is back in business, and most bot laners are zooming around Summoner’s Rift and gaining free ELO.

If Zeri is placed in the right hands on this patch, she will undoubtedly wreak havoc on the opposition.
And she’s coming for you in an upcoming solo queue game. Might as well: revert her to her launch state and unleash The Fast again…