Credit: Michal Konkol/Riot Games


Fired Excel SoMe manager apologizes for pro-Nazi remarks, racist ‘jokes’

Excel Esports’ former social media manager, Aleksa “Fosty” Aleksic, responded to allegations made public on Twitter after the organization officialized his firing.

In his response on Twitlonger, Fosty approached topics ranging from Nazi sympathizing to racism, including inappropriate messages.

Admitting to ‘getting brainwashed’ by Nazi propaganda at the time

The former social media manager revealed on Twitlonger that his Nazi-sympathizing statements stemmed from watching YouTube series that “led to his indoctrination” in hindsight.

Since then, he has backpedaled on most of those statements—but it was after those statements were made, and possibly not to the people involved at the time.

“I apologize for all the factually untrue statements and claims made there,” he said. “I have put in the effort to broaden my mind about it and I will undoubtedly not repeat such dodgy historical ‘facts’ again.”

Fosty refutes the rest, brings more screenshots

The former social media manager shed light on a Discord group where he used to belong and on interpersonal conflicts within it, all stemming from private interactions.

In it, he questioned the intentions behind kamenyurisen’s public disclosure and refuted many of its claims. He also alleged that the racist message screenshots were fake, then denied allegations of soliciting minors.

However, he also admitted to making ‘poor jokes’ in hindsight, on statements that would otherwise be shocking, framing them as stated in private and ‘as a joke.’

The tweet promoting his Twitlonger has since been deleted, with the following taking its place: