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Snappi: “I know that this year is going to be our year”

Since the rebuild of their roster, Ence has been a young core, apart from Snappi, with a lot to prove. Although they struggled in the latter half of 2021, the team reestablished themselves in ESL Pro League and will look to continue doing so in the playoffs. Before their matches, members of Ence sat down to discuss what’s been going on with the team and what they hope to accomplish.

Will 2022 be Ence’s year?

Ence has always been a highly competitive team, and throughout 2021, they were known as a team that could upset any team in the top 20. Now, however, Snappi is looking to establish Ence as one of the best teams in Counter-Strike.

Snappi: “I know that this year is going to be our year, hopefully. I think we have a really good team with a lot of potential to still grow. I think apart from me, everyone else here can get better. I can maybe get better at in-game leading… but everyone else can still get better. And that’s why I think 2022 It’s going to be a very good year for us.

Ence on having high upset potential

Ence was always known as a team that could pull off an upset no matter the circumstance. One of their first tier-one matches was against a great-looking NIP, where they upset the team off an amazing performance by Hades. Here’s what Spinx had to say on the matter.

Spinx: “When you’re playing against the top teams, basically, you’re more hungry to win. So when you’re playing against the top one or top 20, you’re more hungry to win against the top one, and then you’re actually playing better when it shouldn’t be that easy, but sometimes it’s just the way, and that happens.”

For the tournament, Snappi also commented on their potential to have a deep run at the tournament but acknowledged the chance of losing to Fnatic.

Snappi: “I mean, it’s one match at a time, I think. We can play at a very high level, and if we hit that, I think we can potentially go all the way, but I mean, we have to start from the first match, and we can easily also lose to Fnatic if we have a bad day. So I think we just focus on one match at a time.”

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