Credit: Haikal M Rifky

Snapfire: Knitting Granny fanning fire

The oh so old granny petting her dragon has been spewing fire across all regions. Fanning fire on all fronts, Snapfire has been one of, if not the most, picked heroes in the current meta.

A disabler, a support, an escapist — she’s feisty yet old.

Old enough to dish out an insane amount of damage, kissing goodbye with Mortimer’s kisses — her beloved pet dragon.

For her age, she’s kinda cool, eh?

Nuker is she, outlasting the majority and guarding her team with solidarity.

Question arises as to what makes her relevant? Not her age or looks or charisma for that matter. It certainly has to do with her abilities, right? Yes!

Snapfire is one of the best utility heroes currently present in the game.

She blasts, she snaps, she shreds and she kisses — just like a significant other does.

For the wise folks out there, it must be apparently clear that we are referencing her skillsets above.

For those who didn’t, I’m extremely sorry.

Jokes aside. No, really! I mean it.

Two of her abilities; Scatterblast and Firesnap Cookie, are the most annoying skills during the early phase of the game. The former slows while the latter hops her ally/herself over a distance — defensively or offensively.

This is just part one. It ain’t nowhere close to getting over, or is it?

Part two showcases her remaining abilities; Lil’ Shredder and Mortimer’s Kisses, dealing out a lot of nuke.

As the name says, Lil’ Shredder shreds opponents little by little, but in a quick succession, thus dealing damage.

Mortimer’s Kisses, on the other hand, is the sweet mother of holy smokes, smoking everyone that comes under.

Launching a barrage of firespit globs over 5.5 seconds, the globs cause impact damage and create pools of firespit. 320 damage per glob, burn dps of 100 and enemy movement slow of 25% — a perfect ceaspool of fiery sht*.

Still don’t believe me?

You must certainly not miss out on Taiga’s Triple Kill, Yapzor’s Double Kill or Sneyking’s Double Kill.

Expect some sassy plays in the coming Regional Finals.

That’s all my dear comrades!


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