Skills competitions could be the future of competitive Fortnite

Earlier this season, Fortnite hosted the All-Star Showdown event - a weekend of Fortnite competitions from the best players in the game.

Apart from a Solo Championship, players were invited to compete in skills competitions. We saw aim duels, build battles, edit courses and more.

The skill showcase portion of the event was far from perfect. Players found an easy way to cheese a portion of the edit course map, allowing them to bypass some of the mechanics.


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Even with the kinks, the competition was entertaining to watch. This was the first time that Epic made a non-BR competitive Fortnite mode actually feel competitive.

Fortnite Battle Royale will never die as the primary competitive mode, but skills competitions have a bright future.

When you consider the Creative building talent in the Fortnite community and the expansion of the tools Epic are giving them, the sky's the limit for what maps we can see in the future.

Epic Games

A lot of people have predicted that the future of Fortnite lies in Creative Mode. I'm saying that the future of competitive Fortnite does as well.

I don't think it's crazy to say that in a few years, people will be more interested in high-level Edit Course world records than who wins the FNCS.