Credit: Michal Konkol/Riot Games

SK Gaming overcome MAD Lions in 55-minute thriller

SK Gaming have upset MAD Lions in a thrilling 55-minute game on Jan. 15, 2022, after they led during the early game. MAD Lions nearly clawed their way back, and a bloody game ensued, with SK winning 29-24 on kills.

After losing their first game on Jan. 14 against Rogue, SK Gaming led the early game against MAD Lions as they secured kills in the mid lane and on the bot side, and as they made picks across the map. Then, they used their advantage to control the Dragon pit and secured the Chemtech Soul at the 26:50 mark. Eventually, SK secured the bot lane inhibitor after a lengthy skirmish on Minute 32.

However, MAD Lions proved resourceful under duress. As they respawned, they secured the Elder Drake objective bounty at the 34th minute mark, then claimed Baron Nashor’s objective bounty. From there, the game favored whichever team netted the Elder Drake, as the other team played cautiously around their opponents’ advantage.

Eventually, at the 53rd minute, Elyoya fell victim to the Chemtech Drake’s stealth zones. As he secured a camp in SK Gaming’s jungle, his opponents caught him off-guard, leading to a desperate teamfight on MAD’s side. SK’s calmer approach to the teamfight allowed them to succeed and secure their first victory of 2022.

Despite UNFORG1VEN’s best effort on Jhin (10/2/7 KDA), SK Gaming’s solo lanes thrived as Jenax’s Gragas (6/3/14), Sertuss’s Corki (11/6/12) and Jezu’s Ezreal (7/4/13) asserted dominance during crucial teamfights.