The post-major shuffle promises to be one for the history books. Find your way through all the roster changes happening in this overview.

Astralis: rebuilding the Danish dominance

  • [Confirmed] Astralis has announced the signing of k0nfig, blameF, and coach Ave. Dupreeh, magisk, and zonic left the lineup, with the trio’s contract ending at the end of the year.
  • [Rumor] According to our sources, Astralis is actively searching for a new team for 6th man bubzkji, as the player is no longer part of the team’s plans.
  • [Rumor] Brazilian website Draft5 reported that Astralis is interested in signing former FunPlus Phoenix AWPer farlig. This move would point towards Lucky being removed from the starting lineup.

Vitality: A new direction for the bees.

  • [Rumor] According to a report by, Vitality will move away from a French lineup in the next few weeks. Following an exit in the quarterfinals of the PGL Stockholm Major, the organization is reportedly eying Astralis departees dupreeh, magisk, and zonic as a replacement for shox, kyojin, and XQTZZ.

Copenhagen Flames: A new cycle begins

  • [Rumor] Following their surprising deep run at the PGL Major, the CPHF players are hot prospects on the transfer market. Dexerto reported that the organization is looking for a transfer fee of at least $500,000 for their entire lineup. The organization will stay active within CS:GO, building a new roster with local Danish talent.

Team Spirit: Shaking up the roster

  • [Confirmed] Following a perhaps disappointing run in Stockholm, Spirit announced a rebuild of their roster. The team ended up benching chopper and mir, adding Patsi and kaiRON as replacements.
  • [Confirmed] Following a disappointing run at DreamHack Open, Spirit announced the removal of somedieyoung from their lineup.

FunPlus Phoenix: Pulling out of CS:GO

  • [Confirmed] Chinese organization FunPlus Phoenix has halted their CS:GO division. The ‘former’ FPX players are willing to look for a new home together but also field individual offers. AWPer farlig has reportedly awoken Astralis’ interest, as previously stated.

Evil Geniuses: Back to the basics

  • [Confirmed] EG announced the removal of stanislaw, oBo, and MICHU following their last-place finish in Stockholm. The team stated that they will remain committed to NA CS:GO and are rumored to be considering some lesser-known talents from the region.

Complexity: Build back better

  • [Confirmed] Complexity has released blameF and poizon from the squad and transfer-listed both es3tag and jks. These moves mark the end of the juggernaut project.
  • [Confirmed] Coldzera is the last player on the roster, with his contract running till the end of the year.
  • [Rumor] According to OverDrive, CoL is interested in signing CIS players to rebuild their roster.

Team Liquid: The great NA shuffle

  • [Rumor] According to a report by RushBMedia, Stewie2K has been approached by “a prominent organization.” He is still contracted to Liquid to at least the end of 2022, and the report states there hasn’t been any contact between teams.
  • [Rumor] The same report says that falleN is considering a return to the Brazilian scene. No team has expressed interest in signing fallen yet.
  • [Rumor] According to our sources, FalleN is looking to reunite with former teammates Coldzera, fer, and fnx.
  • [Rumor] has reported that Liquid is interested in signing shox. The French player is rumored to be benched by Vitality.

Endpoint CeX: The next diamond in the rough

  • [Confirmed] British organization Endpoint has filled the gap left by Thomas‘ departure by signing Israeli prospect Nertz.

Dignitas: New captain at the helm

  • [Confirmed] Dignitas and coach vENdetta have parted ways following a mixed 2021.