Showmaker is the best player of all time

Sorry Faker stans, your time is up.

Faker used to be the best. He dominated everyone and everything, and won Worlds after Worlds after Worlds. 

Some say he will always be the GOAT for that, which is some serious cope. He's not even the GOAT now. There's a new GOAT on the scene.

The only Showmaker

When Showmaker says he doesn't want to be thought of as the next Faker, it almost sounds modest; but realistically, he knows the truth that many of us know, and lots of you choose to ignore. Comparing Showmaker to Faker is an insult, really.

Faker was so good back then that people had to play Malzahar against him to try and nullify him; which does sound pretty cool. "I'm so good they have to castrate themselves to try and make this even", he thinks. Then, he picks Lissandra into Showmaker's Leblanc because he can't deal with it on his 'famous' Ryze.


Seriously, even Faker thinks it. He's picking Lissandra to try and neutralise the game. Showmaker is better than Faker now, and peak Faker was only good to the mediocre talent around him. It's like saying Alexander Graham Bell's phone is better than the iPhone, or Pele was better than Messi.

Alright, that last one is tongue in cheek.

The face of a man traumatised by the pocket rocket.

Nothing signals this change better than DamWon taking down the T1 revival on the way to their back-to-back World Championships. Showmaker is the best to ever touch the mid lane, and he'll have the Worlds' trophies to prove it soon enough.

Faker might have been first, but Showmaker took the blueprint and perfected it. Mechanically flawless, perfect laning, exceptional teamfighting, ridiculous champion pool - there's literally no flaw to his game. Faker had an aura of being unbeatable, famously, but that same aura now exists around Showmaker in what is almost certainly a harder meta to do so.

Supports are permanently mid, the micro and macro now is tighter, there's more great mid laners, playing season 11 champions, and Showmaker still feels unkillable, unbeatable and unstoppable.

Faker will always be remembered as the first player to dominate; but in truth, he's just the beta test for Showmaker.