Should the accidental Jett nerfs stay?

Jett mains were hit by an unexpected and unlisted nerf in the latest Valorant patch.

Her weapon now goes through a pull-out animation after dashing, where it used to be nearly instant.

Riot admitted that this is a bug but didn't give us a timeline on when it will be fixed.

Some players are coming to the conclusion that the "bug" should stick around. After all, Jett is the most-picked agent in all of Valorant - especially in pro play.

Jett's dash, when combined with the Operator, is the reason so many players pick her. She's the best-in-slot for a Op player, and it's not even close.

TenZ, who plays some Jett for Sentinels, even tweeted that he thinks this is a proper nerf for Jett.

There's a case to be made on both sides of this one.

The nerf doesn't do anything to counter Jett's defensive and Op playstyle, but it does limit how versatile she can be while playing aggressively.

If there's one thing we learned about all of this, it's that everyone agrees that she still needs a nerf.

The ultimate nerf did little to affect her pick rate, and players are still yearning for a proper way to tone-down her overall effectiveness.