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Skins for days

Shopping time: How to navigate the League of Legends client shop

  • The LoL client store is where you can buy champions, skins, and much more
  • It will have everything your heart desires and more
  • Learn how to navigate it and find the item you are looking for

League of Legends has grown into a giant game during its 13 active years, to a point where the client shop is packed to the brim with champions, skins, accessories, and much more.

Whether you are a new or experienced player, you will often browse the shop to get your next champion to play or the next skin to flex in your ranked games.

You can also find weekly deals and bundles that you can buy for a discounted price, exclusive items such as the World Championship icons and emotes, or (test your luck with) Masterwork Chests and keys.

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How to navigate the LoL client shop

To enter the shop, you want to press the “store” icon at the top of your client, right next to your Riot Points and Blue Essence count. The icon is an easily recognizable stack of coins. 

When entering the shop, you will land on the front page, where Riot Games usually feature new skins, champions, bundles, and deals. At the top of the shop, you will find five other options, including the champions, skins, TFT, loot, and accessories tab. 

Click the one relevant for your upcoming purchase, and you are one step closer to the item. 

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Where do I buy new champions in LoL?

Navigate to the “Champions” tab in the client store to purchase new champions. Under the tab, you will find the ones you don’t already own and their respective RP and Blue Essence prices. 

On the left side, you will see a lot of different filters that can help you zoom in on champions that are interesting to you. You can search directly for a champion or filter by roles. You can filter by release dates and prices, including champions currently on sale. 

If you are looking for Eternals or Bundles, you must check the box at the top to see everything available. 

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How do I buy skins in LoL?

First, enter the skins tab in the LoL client shop. Here, you will find a big variety of skins for all different champions. 

You can filter by rarity, champions, price, and much more on your left side. The price for each skin will be showcased right under the name, all of them in RP. For a better preview of the skin, you can open it and press “learn more.”

Under “learn more,” you explore information about the champion and hit the “skins” tab to see the skin in better resolution.

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Where do I buy Teamfight Tactics items and loot chests in League of Legends?

In the TFT tab in the client store, you will find items that can only be used in Riot Games Auto Battler title, Teamfight Tactics. None of these items are useable in League of Legends, except for the Little Legends that will follow you around in ARAM.

Next up is the loot tab, where you will find Masterwork Chests which can be opened in the “Loot” section of the client. Last are all the accessories: a tab that includes emotes, clash tickets, ward skins, summoner icons, boosts, and rune pages. 

Just like the other tabs, this will be easy to navigate through the filters on the left-hand side.

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How do I buy Riot Points from the client shop?

RP is a currency that allows you to buy any item without saving up Blue Essence by playing. RP costs real money and is accessed by pressing the “Purchase RP” button at the top-right corner of the shop. 

You will be navigated to a tab with all the RP packages, where you can select the amount you want to purchase. Here, you will also choose your desired payment method. 

After making your picks, you can pay and have the RP on your account immediately.

Where do I redeem Riot Points codes? How about skin codes and goodies from live events?

To claim codes, head to the “Account” button at the top-right side of the client shop. It will be the icon next to the Gifting Center.

After pressing, look at the left side of the screen and choose “Redeem Codes” from the menu. A window will pop up, where you simply type your code and press “Submit.” After that, you will be credited your reward.

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