This one isn’t that controversial, and I’m not the only one to say it.

But it needs to be said again, and said by someone important – me. As crazy as TenZ is – as talented as the rest of the team is – it’s the brains of the operation that allows Sentinels to constantly come out on top.

Do you think the Vision Strikers players can’t match TenZ in pure skill? Think EU doesn’t have intelligent, quality players to match the others?

Of course you don’t, you’re not insane. But what they don’t have is a genius at the wheel.

The unsung hero

VALORANT being so new means that the meta is yet to be set, and players and viewers alike don’t know what peak strategy looks like, and how to play VALORANT perfectly. It stands to reason that the best IGLs would be good CSGO players, as the meta can be ‘ported’ over somewhat and the intricacies of VALORANT tactics plugged in as you go.

ShahZaM was a very good CSGO player, largely underrated in fact, and has become a very intelligent leader. He’s able to take talented but mercurial players and make them disciplined, clinical fraggers. 

His understanding of FPS tactics combined with his willingness to adapt to a changing landscape make him an elite IGL. It’s easier to break the rules if you have an innate understanding of the rules; having to learn them first means your fundamentals will forever lag behind.

The best player in the world.

ShahZaM is an elite IGL, but he’s also a very capable player. He has an excellent rating, high ACS and quality KDA – but those numbers don’t really mean that much. You can just watch him play, and anyone who has tried to tell their teammates what to do, predict the opponents’ moves and play the game at the same time knows how hard that is.

Most other IGLs can’t call as well as ShahZam, and none of the ones who can can’t frag as well as ShahZaM. 

That is the most unique skill in VALORANT, and the most valuable one. is a leading hub for all things esports and competitive gaming. From Counter-Strike to Valorant, from League of Legends to Dota 2, it's all covered, along with the community news that matters most to gamers.