Fortnitemares 2021

Shadow Midas, Frankenstein & much more coming in Fortnitemares 2021

Fortnite fans know what this time of the year brings: another Forntitemares event.

Forntitemares has been up and down since it first came out. We’ve got some of the best skins in the game during the Halloween events, but have also had some of the most annoying game mechanics come with them – looking at you Husks and jump-scare zombies.

We saw a bunch of official teasers and leaks come ahead of the upcoming Fortnitemares event, so let’s take a look at what we know so far.

Epic Games

Epic Games

Tarot Cards

It looks like we’ll be getting something new this time around, with the introduction of Tarot Cards.

We don’t have much information on these at the time of writing. Will we be unlocking free skins? Will these be a part of the Item Shop? Only time will tell.

Included in these Tarot cards will be skins relating to classic Fortnite Halloween themes, new monsters, and a potential crossover with The Walking Dead. Shadow Midas is even expected to make an appearance.

New Skins

Speaking of skins, we already know about several cosmetic items coming in Fortnitemares 2021.

So far, we have leaks and teasers for the following skins coming to the Item Shop in the next month:

  • Shadow Midas
  • Kevin/Cube related skin
  • Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead
  • New Skull Trooper skin/variant
  • Frankenstein

There are sure to be even more, but these are the ones we already know about


Last year, we had the debut of the first large-scale PvE mode in the BR side of Fortnite, where we faced the Storm King to earn a unique limited-time umbrella.

It looks like we’ll have something new this year, with a focus on the sinister cubes littering the map.

Again, not too many specific details, but the teasers are exciting to see. We can only hope it’s actually fun.


No news on the return of Husk spawners or jump-scare zombies this year. That doesn’t mean they won’t come, but no news is good news considering the amount of information we already have.

Personally, I HATE husks. They’re the worst thing Epic have added to the base game outside of maybe the BRUTE. Jump-scare zombies aren’t that bad, but they do threaten a heart attack when you’re farming materials. 

We’ll let you know if anything changes, but it looks promising for players like me – who can’t stand playing with husks enabled.

Epic Games

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