NA why so quiet?

The most dominant LAN team in the young history of Valorant has finally looked mortal. Sentinels lost their second round robin game to G2 Esports in the VCT Masters 3 LAN event in Berlin.

Sentinels, who hadn’t lost a LAN game up until this point, looked uncharacteristically lost in the 0-2 loss.

TenZ, who has been dominant online and at LAN, walked away with a measly 205 average combat score in the best-of-three – the best on his team.

G2, for their part, has had a tumultuous history in Valorant thus far, with a dominant start to their careers and a dip in the recent past.

Now, G2 is emerging as the top seed out of their group with a dominant sweep of Sentinels.

Hope isn’t lost for Sentinels fans. They still move on to the playoffs and remain one of the favorites to win the whole event.

Our question is, did Sentinels throw? We’ve seen at least two or three of their players mention coming back from a future loss, and we know they didn’t show everything they have.

For instance, Sentinels opted to ban Ascent even though G2 had already pushed them around on Icebox on the teams’ previous game. Are they hiding something there?

As an NA fanboy, I’m inclined to think that this was all a part of the plan. Only time will tell.


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