Valorant VCT EU 3

Sentinels and 100 Thieves secure a spot in Berlin for Masters 3

We’re into the Upper Bracket Semifinals, which means the two winners will secure their spots in Berlin for Masters 3.

Here’s a recap of how the matchups of 100 Thieves vs XSET and Sentinels vs Envy went.

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100 Thieves(2) vs XSET(0)

This matchup looked to be the best of the day, as two teams at the top of NA battled it out to move on in the upper bracket.

Haven didn’t disappoint, with XSET taking an early lead and 100 Thieves battling back on attack.

This match had so many amazing moments on both sides. It will be a VoD to watch if you missed it.

We saw a nearly polar opposite match on Ascent, as it looked like 100T was going to run away with their map pick.

This time, it was XSET that battled back, winning six straight rounds while 100 Thieves had match point.

In the end, the 100 Thieves team had what it took to win the hard-fought match. They can book their tickets to Berlin.

Sentinels(2) vs Envy(0)

Sentinels and Envy had a back-and-forth battle on map one as well, with both teams trading rounds on both attack and defense.

In the end, it was Sentinels who were able to take the map with a clean-up in the final round – making the game more look lopsided than the score said.

Haven was a similar story, with the two teams splitting halves and Sentinels taking the win.

Sentinels move on and secure their spot in Berlin.

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