Screw Lightsabers, give us Lightsaber pickaxes

Epic Games and Disney have a close relationship, which is clear by all the properties that Disney promotes in Fortnite.

We'll someday have the entire cast of the MCU in Fortnite, and are still waiting on Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker to join the squad.

Lightsabers have been in Fortnite for years, so it's no surprise to hear that they'll be returning for Star Wars Day: May the 4th.

Lightsabers are whatever. They're fun to use for a while but this news doesn't move the needle.

What I really want to see is Lightsaber pickaxes - either in the Item Shop or as a part of the Battle Pass.

Epic could easily sell these as a bundle, but it would be even more fun to see them bring them to the customizable tab in the Battle Pass.

Imagine being able to choose the color, shape, hilt, and grip style of your own Lightsaber.

Do it. It's a no brainer.