I never tell my enemies 'glhf' as I do not wish my enemies good luck. I'm not trying to lose here.

I also never tell them well played, because they either didn't play well and lost, or they were lucky.

And yet, I don't see why others shouldn't. I don't see why I shouldn't be able to converse with the enemy and tell the opposing top laner where exactly they should stick his mouse and keyboard when they pick Fiora, either. I don't see why they shouldn't then say 'top gap' or 'gg ez' after going 0-8-2 and winning the game thanks to the 17 kill Samira afterwards.

Unrelated, don't check my I did not lose to a Fiora yesterday.

How Is All Chat Real Just Turn It Off In The Settings

Why exactly are we turning off all chat when it's quite literally turned off by default? You already have to opt in; you already have to turn it on and then can turn it off whenever you want. So if we already had the choice, why are we taking away that choice?

If Riot are serious about turning off all chat because of 'more negative experiences than positive', then it really makes a mockery of them not deleting Yuumi. I have FAR more negative experiences from Yuumi being in my game than positive.

Hell, I hate the enemy jungler. They make my experience negative. Turn off the enemy jungler, Riot. 

"More of a dog person, huh?" Well I wasn't before you were in the game, you feline freak.

Not only that, but most of the toxicity comes from team chat. All of the harm wished upon my family has come from my own teammates, and 'gg ez' isn't anywhere near as toxic as my mid laner calling my mother a farm animal because I lost lane. If we REALLY want to turn down the toxicity - which I don't really believe to be possible - we should start with team chat.

Turn off question mark pings too, while we're at it. 

I don't think you'll ever stamp out toxicity in terms of insults, and getting rid of all chat will remove one outlet that was already mutable by anyone who was annoyed by it. Turning it off doesn't actually help anyone, as the only people who would be affected by all chat can already turn it off, but now the people who use it to banter, trash talk or - god forbid - make friends with the other team, now don't have a choice.

Riot are taking away a choice from the player because they don't think we're strong enough to control it ourselves. We aren't children, Riot. Give us our all chat back or I'm running away from home and going to bed after 8pm.