s1mple should take a break before we see him struggle

I can’t bear to watch s1mple not dominate.

There’s no doubt any more to his greatness. He’s the best of all time, and it’s not particularly close. 

But his Major performance wasn’t up to his normal level – he was still good, but he wasn’t great – and I don’t want to see him fall off any more. If he needs a break, he should take it.

Nothing can take away GOAT status just yet

We’ve seen too many players burnout, take a break and not come back the same; and there’s a good chance s1mple will do the same.

But that’s a risk we have to take – because he’s probably going to do it anyway. His insane form was never going to last forever, and while he is clearly stressed about real life events, understandably, his form is going to take a hit.

Watching s1mple decay slowly, him not be at the peak of his powers is a disservice to him, his legacy and to us. I’d rather not watch him at all until he’s ready to play again, than watch him play at a lower level.

It’s too painful.

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There’s only two outcomes; he grinds his ass off again and somehow re-finds and maintains a godly level and adds a new chapter to his legacy, or he adds a blip in it. An asterisk to his career – and none of us want that.

If he takes a break, the first outcome is still possible, he can still recover and just obliterate the whole scene again, or peter off. But at least then we can blame the break, we can understand, give him time. Watching him struggle is not right.

We can’t watch the GOAT struggle. It was bad enough watching Virtus.pro lose. Seeing pasza cry. Nobody wants that.

He owes it to himself to take the break he needs. If he’s publicly mentioning it, it’s not a thing that’s going to go away. He’s going to need that break sooner or later, and he’s only going to make things worse by trying to grind through it.

Anyone who has struggled with mental illness knows exactly what I mean.

“Because maybe I will take a break because I need to do things in life, like I need to move, I need to get a lot of documents…”


Don’t push yourself to entertain us, s1mple. Don’t push yourself to win events that you’re in no state of mind to win, and don’t ruin your mental health for your legacy. Your legacy will remain, and if anything, you stand to damage it more than you would with a break.

Nobody gives a sh*t that Michael Jordan played baseball for a year. 

We’ll let you off a six month break. Find peace, and then come back hungry.

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