Russian players can no longer compete for cash prizes in Fortnite

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, video game tournament organizers continue to isolate Russian players from competition.

The Valorant EMEA qualifier was postponed, BLAST Premier eliminated all Russian players from competition, and now Fortnite has barred Russian players from competing for cash prizes.

Epic Games

"Effective as of March 11, Russia will be added to the list of countries where players are ineligible to win cash prizes in Fortnite Competitive tournaments," the competitive team wrote in a blog post.

"Players residing in Russia will still be able to earn in-game cosmetic prizes."

Russian players will still be able to claim prizes won before March 11. They will need to complete the prize verification process and claim the funds before March 22.

Not much to add, here. It's hard not to feel bad for the Russian Fortnite grinders who have no say in the matter, but Epic are not the first tournament organizers to make such a move.

We'll update you if/when Epic make additional statements on the matter.