Rumour: Tilted Towers will return on January 18

According to some quick math from reliable Fortnite leaker, Hypex, Tilted Towers will likely make its return to the Fortnite island on January 18, 2022.

This timeline fits with the current post-Winterfest melting of the snow in the island, but it also aligns with a more significant date: the four-year anniversary of Tilted's initial release.

Any longtime Fortnite player knows that Tilted is the single most significant POI in the history of the game. It was most people's original hot-drop, and "Trump Tower" still brings back feeling of nostalgia for many within the community.

Sadly, we haven't seen Tilted in its original form since Chapter 1 Season 8, when it was destroyed during the Unvaulting event and replaced with Neo Tilted.

Hopefully, we're only a couple of short weeks away from seeing Tilted return to Fortnite.

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