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Lars has a long-standing history

Robl family clashes in Final chance match at PGL Antwerp

As Heroic and Vitality enter the server later today with one of the final spots in the playoffs of PGL Antwerp on the line, the most interesting battle will be fought outside of the game. Lars Robl, Vitality’s performance manager, will face off against his own son, Troels Robl, who is the mental coach of Heroic.

Lars has a long-standing history of working as a performance manager and coach in esports. He previously worked with Astralis, where he helped shape one of the greatest teams to ever touch CSGO.

A former part of the Danish Special Forces, he has worked with the Danish fence team and local football clubs.

Troels is relatively new to the role. A former fencer himself, he will graduate as a psychologist this summer.

He joined Heroic at the start of 2021 and had to stand in as the head coach when Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen was removed.

He was eventually relieved by Richard “Xizt” Landstrom.

When Jaxon interviewed Lars Robl earlier this year, we asked him how it is to compete with his own son, who he sees regularly.

“We discuss work, for sure, but what happens in Heroic, stays in Heroic. And what happens in Vitality, stays there.”

Last chance saloon

Image: PGL

The match between Vitality and Heroic is the final chance for both teams to make it to the playoffs of PGL Antwerp.

Vitality struggled in the first games of the legends stage, as they lost to both NIP and Outsiders. But with their backs against the wall, the Dano-Francs bounced back, eliminating Liquid and BIG consecutively.

Heroic started with a convincing win against Liquid but fell to Spirit on the same day. An overtime win against G2 saw them reach qualification point, but they squandered their first chance to qualify against ENCE.

Which Robl will make it to the playoffs? Tune in here to find out.

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