The Regional Major Ranking events for each region have concluded. These are the teams that would battle it out if the Stockholm Major happened today.

EU: Out with the old, in with the new

The hectic but impressive Grand Final run from NIP has put them in first of the RMR standings – despite a 40% point deduction from 2020.

Even more impressive is mousesports‘ rise to fourth with no RMR points carried over from 2020.

Other teams who are new within the qualifying range are DBL Poney, Complexity, and Sprout. Fnatic, OG, and FaZe disappointed us and have dropped below the cut.

Source: Liquipedia

CIS: Potential cheaters in top 5?

The world’s #1, Gambit, are in hot pursuit of a Legend spot after winning the EPIC League RMR. In more controversial news, Akuma currently occupy the Contender spot in the CIS RMR standings.

Source: Liquipedia

NA: EG lost the script

All according to the plan, the top teams of cs_summit 8 occupy the Legend spots in the RMR standings: EXTREMUM, Team Liquid, and Furia.

EG doesn’t seem so genius after dropping out dead last, though they still hold on to a spot as Contender at the Major for now.

Source: Liquipedia

SA: New-look MIBR on top

MIBR cling to the only spot from the South American region after winning the Elite League S1 RMR. They also had a slight advantage by carrying points over from 2020.

Shark Gaming are chasing, though, and anything can still happen in this region.

Source: Liquipedia

Asia: Tied for first

TYLOO and ViCi Gaming are all-square for the only Major spot handed to their region. Only four teams from the Asia region hold RMR points at the moment, making it even closer.

Source: Liquipedia

Oceania: Yeah The Boys!

Renegades are on top after winning the EPIC League RMR. Though, with so few teams, nothing is certain yet.

Source: Liquipedia