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Riot’s League of Legends game designer gets banned for feeding in normal games

Riot Games’ game designer Ezra “Phlox” Lynn, allegedly got banned for “feeding” in normal games. According to screenshots from a Twitter post by Erknaite, Phlox’s League of Legends account got handed a 14-day suspension.

Not just a couple of bad Ryze games?

Judging from Phlox’s OP.GG account, he’s having a rough couple of days playing the game he works on daily. Even though he only played Normal queue games, the algorithm didn’t have mercy for one of their employees.

He lost nine out of his last thirteen games, mostly playing Ryze mid lane with the new Rod of Ages. To put things lightly, Phlox is having a rough couple of days playing LoL, at least from what we can see, looking at his game K/D/A scores.

According to the screenshot Phlox allegedly shared on Discord, League’s algorithm didn’t think he was just having bad games. He got a 14-day ban for “disruptive behavior in the game like trolling, griefing, intentionally feeding or deliberately trying to lose the match.”

Riot Games' developer Phlox got banned for feeding on Ryze?
Source: Riot Games

Can’t play Ryze? Maybe try fixing him instead

He followed up the screenshot of his ban, saying, “I guess I shouldnt’ve played Ryze.” Indeed Mr. Phlox, maybe you should’ve focused on making the champion “not dogs*it” in solo queue in the past 12 years.

Ryze is notoriously one of the hardest champions for Riot to balance. He usually performs very well in competitive play but also has one of the lowest win rates in solo queue. Even now, Ryze stands at a 46.07% win rate in Platinum+ queues worldwide and even worse in lower elos. Well, now Phlox has two weeks to think about it.