Credit: Riot Games

Thank goodness

Riot to nerf several healers and Renata Glasc in LoL patch 12.14

  • LoL patch 12.14 will bring needed nerfs to Yuumi and Seraphine
  • Riot will also bring out the nerf hammer for Renata Glasc
  • The patch is set to launch at Wednesday, July 27

League of Legends’ Patch 12.14 is in sight: Riot Games has revealed a detailed preview for changes to come.

The patch will focus on bringing stability for the rest of the season to “allow for players focusing on their ranked climbs and heading into playoffs.” In come nerfs and adjustments to some of the dominant solo queue champions. 

Riot will also buff a few champions, although none of them seem to be meta-breaking. If anything, the Teemo buffs will bring some renewed power to the beloved, or extremely hated, Swift Scout.

Will healers finally be controlled in LoL Patch 12.14?

The upcoming changes’ shining stars are the nerfs to the most dominant healers in the game. Once again, Riot will target Yuumi and Seraphine, who remain among the most hated champions to face. 

These champions are stomping left and right, be it in professional play or in solo queue. Seraphine especially has been a pain in the butt in solo queue, but will see her AP ratio on Surround Sound (W) lowered. These nerfs might not be enough to take her off the stage, but it will be a slap on the wrist at least.

Next on the chopping block is Yuumi, and we doubt that anyone is sad about this. The Magical Cat will also have her healing ratio on her E—Zoomies toned down – thank god.

Photo via: Riot Games

Riot nerfing Renata Glasc, but will it even do anything?

Another powerful support in pro play that won’t be spared any longer is Renata Glasc.

The power of her R—Hostile Takeover has been clear since release, as it has won many team fights on its own. However, as we can’t always have nice things in life, Riot aren’t targeting that ability for a nerf.

Instead, Riot will be nerfing her base health and base attack damage and call it a day. On paper, these nerfs seem fairly irrelevant, but will at least make her extra vulnerable in the early levels. One thing is for sure though, the Chem-Baroness will stay powerful in team fights. 

All Patch 12.14 changes will be available for testing on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) before launching on Wednesday, July 27.