Riot should reuse the Riot Shield idea they scrapped on a new Agent

Apparently, Riot's original version of Breach had a riot shield and a sword. This isn't new news, but it still brings up the question - why did we stop?

A whole lot of us grew up playing Modern Warfare 2, and we miss those days. I'm talking for us all, here, 'cause I've never met someone who isn't nostalgic for that game.

Many people have fond memories of the riot shield, walking around bashing people, throwing C4 or a knife at people, and frankly, I want to do it again.

Initiator/Duelist hybrid

We've already seen many Initiators become Duelists due to their flashes - Skye and KAY/O both become able to take all the duels they want, and KAY/O's ult makes him an entry into the site unlike any other.

So why can't a new Initiator do something similar, but with a Riot Shield?

Imagine flying through the entry to a site with a big shield, deflecting molotovs and bullets away from you team as you trojan horse them through the drawbridge. 

Throw in the ability to use a throwing knife that drops the shield when you use it, allow dropping the shield to use as cover... tell me you're not interested to play this. I dare you.

Bring it back!

What would the other abilities be? Who cares? 

As long as I can deflect a Raze nade back at her team, I don't need a flash, a nade, a molly, any of the other useful Initiator stuff. Let me initiate through sheer force of will. The riot shield should probably be the ultimate, maybe with a juggernaut suit for good measure.

Give it some generic utility for all I care. How about a ramp to boost teammates over Sage walls to get into sites easier, hell, keep the sword from the original design. That sounds like a hell of a lot of fun.

Will this be fun to play against? That doesn't really seem to be much of a concern - most agents are horrible to play against in some circumstances. At least make this one fun to play, unlike Brimstone or Sage.

This would be a super unique ability, really give the raid boss feeling and tickle all sorts of nostalgic nerves in my helmet. 

Give it to me, please.