Credit: Riot Games

The W’s keep coming: Riot Games invest in Fortiche Productions 24 hours after Arcane sweeps Annie Awards

Fortiche Productions are already frontrunners for “Biggest W of the Year” in the entertainment category. Less than 24 hours after sweeping nine awards (out of nine nominations) at the 49th Annie Awards for Arcane, they received a bulky investment from Riot Games.

As a result of the deal, two Riot staffers (Rioters) will join Fortiche’s board of directors: Chief Content Officer Brian Wright, and Director of Corporate Development Brendan Mulligan.

Although Riot Games and Fortiche Productions worked on projects very closely, Arcane took their collaboration to levels never seen before in the gaming industry.

From the quality of the animations to that of the story and voiceovers—all of which do not require knowing about League of Legends—their collaboration was a homerun delivered on Netflix.

And a homerun at the Annie Awards. See the trophy case:

  • Best TV Media – General Audience
  • Best FX – TV/Media
  • Best Character Animation – TV/Media
  • Best TV Character Design – TV/Media
  • Best Direction – TV/Media
  • Best Production Design – TV/Media
  • Best Storyboarding – TV/Media
  • Best Voice Acting – TV/Media
  • Best Writing – TV/Media

Six of the nine awards went to Fortiche staffers; Best Writing went to two Rioters, Christian "Praeco" Linke and Alex "Skribbles" Yee; Best TV Character Design went to former Rioter Evan Monteiro; and Best VO went to Arcane Jinx’s voice actress Ella Purnell – not the same as the in-game voice actress, Sarah Williams.