Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games hint at Diana, Xin Zhao nerfs in Patch 11.16

Riot Games have set their targets for Patch 11.16’s balance changes. Lead game designer Jeevun “Jag” Sidhu addressed League of Legends players via Twitter, one week ahead of the patch’s release.

Beyond Sona’s rework, nerfs to Dark Seal targeting mages in the early and mid game, Fleet Footwork buffs (or nerf reversals) that may impact mid lane further, and Redemption, the following are worthy of note:


Nerfs targeting meta champions

Although recent competitive play has been exciting to watch, some champions rose (or are rising) to become the one-and-only options. Riot’s nerfs will bring them in line at best:

  • Diana and Xin Zhao, junglers with a high pick/ban presence in solo queue and in leagues across the world due to their strength and damage output
  • Ziggs rose to prominence in the LEC and the LCK in the bot lane. His damage nullifies several marksmen and supports.
  • Niche top lane options Tahm Kench, Lulu and Fiora have yet to take root in competitive, but they have proven effective when used in the LPL (China). When used correctly, their scaling turns them into free win options.
  • Flex top/jungle/mid champion Lee Sin is also on Riot’s radar, likely an attempt to increase champion diversity in the top lane. However, Nocturne matches well against him, but he might not be nerfed.

Buffs to reawaken lost LoL trends?

On the flipside, buffs are targeting champions that used to represent League of Legends, to possibly recreate a bruiser-heavy meta in the top lane:

  • Jarvan IV has failed to keep pace with modern top lane / jungle options and may receive buffs to his jungle clear.
  • Nunu, Shaco, Vladimir and Maokai have faded to near-obscurity in their respective roles. However, the advent of Maokai as the strongest lane option would require nerfs to Camille as well
  • Sivir and Jhin, two underused bot lane options in competitive play, may receive a nudge. Combined with Ziggs nerfs, Jhin will return to the meta.

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