Credit: Artesian Build Patreon

Reverse cancel culture murdered Artesian Builds

Unless you've been living under a rock - or have been laser-focused on hitting a rank you'll never achieve - you probably know about the Artesian Builds fiasco from the past week.

For those who don't know, Artesian Builds hosted a giveaway for their streaming partners.

They drew a name to win a free PC, but then re-rolled, telling viewers that, essentially, the streamer who won was too small. Artesian Builds wouldn't benefit enough from giving her a free PC, so they rolled the dice for someone else to win.

What happened next was something that you rarely see in online entertainment.

We're all too familiar with a creator messing up and losing sponsors. Here, we saw a company make a mistake and creators dropping that sponsor.

Mizkif, OTK, NickMercs - huge names sporting Artesian Builds came out of the woodwork to support Kiapiaa. After all, these streamers all know what it's like to be a smaller creator.

The most recent development in the story is that Artesian Builds has crumbled. They announced, on Twitter, that they are "freezing/suspending all activities" and are "open to assistance/investment."

Actually sad for 99% of the employees.

Meanwhile, Kiapiaa is better than ever. Her channel exploded after the controversy - gaining over 25,000 followers on Twitch and posting similar numbers on Twitter.

This is one of the only examples of reverse cancel culture on the internet. Artesian Builds is ruined - all because they got greedy with a giveaway.

That being said, I'm in for the redemption arc. There's been talk of an employee buyout, and we may even see a wealthy streamer like Trainwrecks get involved. 

He could have been joking, but how awesome would this be?