Credit: Renegades

The Aussies from Renegades have caused a major upset on the final day of the IEM Cologne Play-In. The underdogs managed to beat OG in a decisive 2-0 fashion.

Renegades were able to start the series on Nuke, a map their opponent was far from comfortable on. OG has avoided playing Nuke ever since rebuilding their roster at the start of the year.

Despite having their backs against the wall, Renegades played as if they didn’t feel any pressure. An especially strong CT-side by the Aussies was the deciding factor, Nuke ended 16-11 in their favor.

Inferno, OG’s pick, was a closer affair. On a map where momentum shifted every couple of minutes, 30 rounds were not enough to decide a winner.

As overtime started, OG ran out of steam. A flawless record as terrorists and an unbreakable hold on the B-site meant that Renegades prolong their stay in Europe, as the team gets to play in the main tournament of IEM Cologne.

Complexity book spot at IEM Cologne

Complexity didn’t face too much trouble in dispatching LDLC. The multinational team won in a convincing fashion, with only Dust II being a close affair. BlameF and his men will be looking ahead to tomorrow, when the main tournament starts.

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