Reet, EpikWhale & Arkham need to split or change regions

When it comes to competitive Fortnite, there are two major regions that fans consider to be the top of the top: EU and NA-East.

There's plenty of talent around the globe, but most of the top players are condensed in these two regions, which is relatively common in most esports.

When it comes time for another player or team to test their might against the best, they travel to EU or NA-East. We saw OCE star, Muz, do just that this FNCS season. He teamed up with Bugha and Mero to win the whole damn thing.

Epic Games

This brings me to NA-West. let's be honest, this is a second-tier region. We haven't had a LAN event in a long time, but there's a reason Epic gave more spots to NA-East, and it's not only the number of competing players.

There are three major exceptions when it comes to NA-West, and anyone who follows professional Fortnite knows who they are: Reet, Arkham, and EpikWhale.

All three are considered some of the best in the world in their own right. Reet has risen the ranks over the past year+ and is now considered to be the best controller player in the world. Arkham and EpikWhale have been at the top of the NA-West leaderboards for as long as I can remember - running away with every tournament until Reet showed up.

It's been a two horse race in NA-West. Reet and his team vs EpikWhale, Arkham, and Rehx. This fact is obvious when you look at the leaderboards. As usual, the Season 8 FNCS saw these trios finish within 15 points of one another.

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The most OP trio in Fortnite

Reet, favs, and snacky beat EpikWhale, Arkham, and rehx by only 15 points. Third place was behind the latter trio by 76.

Now, ahead of the upcoming Grand Royale with higher stakes, Reet has joined Arkham and Epikwhale to make a the most overpowered trio currently competing in Fortnite.

Superteams don't always work in competitive Fortnite. Clix, Bugha, and Bizzle drastically underperformed expectations, but that's in NA-East. These boys are at the top of the leaderboard in literally every tournament in the region.

Now, who is going to be interested in watching NA-West's Grand Royale? Not me. I will literally be sleeping through it. It's on late here.

But even if it was on at noon I'd rather watch Amouranth lick a microphone for three hours than watch the three best players in NA-West pub stomp the rest of their region.

This trio needs to split up, or even better, move to NA-East. I don't care if the three of them rent an Airbnb for two months to qualify and compete in a new region.

Sure, they probably like the free money they'll be getting, but we need to see them against some real competition.

Would these three players combine to make the best team in the world? We'll never know as long as they stay in their candy-ass region.