Credit: PGL

Record breaker: PGL Antwerp hits 700k viewers on first day

PGL Antwerp, the first CS:GO Major of the year, has broken its first record. According to Escharts, the first day of the Challenger stage saw a peak in viewers at just over 704.000.

The record marks the first time a CS:GO Major managed to breach the 700k marks on the very first day. Previously, the record was held by PGL Stockholm, which saw 668k viewers tune in to the action at its peak.

The average number of viewers increased by roughly 20k compared to the previous Major, now sitting at 490.006.

Image: Escharts

PGL Antwerp broke the record as one of the most popular teams in the scene, G2 Esports, played against Team Spirit. Surprisingly, the European powerhouse has to play the Challengers stage but is on track to make it to the next stage as they won both of their matches on the first day.

It will be interesting to see how interest in the CS:GO Major evolves. The all-time peak was set in Stockholm, where 2.7m people tuned in to the grand final between G2 and Natus Vincere.

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