Credit: ESL | Franfurt Major

Raging Potato – A man of few words, “They draft in Chinese, and I’m out smoking”

After utterly outclassing Fnatic in the lower bracket elimination series at the DPC SEA Regional Finals, Team SMG’s Raging Potato, expressed his thoughts in the winner’s interview.

“I don’t know. They draft in Chinese, and I’m out smoking”, was Raging Potato’s response when asked about the change in approach towards the draft.

Expressing his thoughts on bouncing back after a demoralising loss to BOOM Esports a day earlier, he says, “We just went over the replays, and talked about it. We were having tunnel vision and decided to change it.”

To those aware, Raging Potato seemed to look melancholic, and for good reason, “I am missing my kid, and want to go to the Philippines right now.” A parent’s love and yearning for his kid knows no bounds.

Before concluding the winner’s interview, Raging Potato was asked about Chinese/Mandarin being the team’s preferred mode of communication during the game.

His response was short and subtle, “Yes, they do communicate in Chinese but I can understand what they say to a good extent. I speak a bit of Mandarin as well”.