Credit: Henry's YouTube

RACISM? RAWDOTA refers to Peruvians as ‘low IQ’, ‘poorly educated’ & ‘ignorant’

Some people never change.

Henry aka RAWDOTA is in the limelight once again -- for all the wrong reasons.

The North American Dota 2 'coach' for over 300 students, a content creator and Twitch streamer, and a high ranking semi-pro player never fails to amuse.

This time around, on his stream, Henry launches a tirade against Peruvians, terming them as people with 'low average IQ'.

He also states that Peruvians have an 'extremely poor education' and a 'very ignorant culture' that leads to their inability to think critically.

Terming the whole episode as 'not a Dota problem', Henry's dig at the Peruvians is obvious and obnoxious to say the least.

To the unversed, Henry has been accused of being a toxic influence in his streams, has received a ban for smurfing and toxicity.

He's also been allegedly caught using hacks on stream, and also has different alt [alternative] accounts to escape the ban hammer.