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Improvements can happen in a lot ways, and right clicking your mouse or clinking those sweet keys on your mechanical keyboards isn’t the only way to go about. Today, we take a look at the most basic, yet unexpected ways, to improve your game.

Don’t lose your calm

Perhaps the most important characteristic of any player wanting to improve his/her game is maintaining their cool under each and any given circumstance. As the saying goes, “Win or lose, just stay calm”.

Don’t flame

Here’s a hard to swallow-pill: flaming your teammates will not make them play better. Actually, it will do the opposite. Remember, you already have 5 enemies in the opposite team to deal with. Let’s not add another to the list!

Don’t grief

Griefing your team in a video game is the equivalent to a two-year-old having a tantrum because they didn’t get the ice cream flavor they wanted. However, is that a reason to intentionally spoil the game for other players? No!

Avoid feeding, blocking your own neutral camps or afking jungle intentionally as you may very well be stuck in low priority games eternally.

Quitters never win. Winners never quit. If you grief, well, I’ve got bad news for you.

Don’t blame

The age old fundamental problem plaguing humanity — conveniently shifting blame onto the others — is applicable to the majority 99.999999% of us. The best way to improve at any game is to avoid blaming others and accepting your mistakes.

Let the blame games be restricted to politicians, after all, it’s their area of expertise. We are merely a bunch of passionate people having immense love for videogames, and shifting blame is only going to be detrimental for us.

This piece is all about being good at the game without actually being good at the game. Cheers!

Karan Rathod is a writer for covering anything and everything to do with Dota 2. Few people love Dota as much as Karan, whether it's grinding away in pub games or watching the latest competitive tournament and breaking down the results. In addition to their great love of Dota 2, Karan also enjoys hitting the gym for some exercise and sitting down with a nice book.