Quadcrasher likely to return with original flying ability

Epic have continued to innovate when it comes to adding vehicles to Fortnite. We started with Shopping Carts and progressed all the way into having literal Ferraris zooming around the map.

One of the fan-favorite vehicles from Chapter 1 has been featured in “return” rumors for a few seasons: The Quadcrasher.

Recently, data miners revealed that the vehicle got another update in the game files.

Like the BRUTE, players expect to see the Quadcrasher at some point in the near future.

Part of the reason that players liked the Quadcrasher so much was a bug that allowed them to fly across the entire map after hitting a jump.

It wasn’t too hard to activate this bug, which Epic later patched out of the game.

Now, with so many other vehicles in Fortnite, Epic have reverted the change to bring this ability back to the Quadcrasher.

If we see the Quadcrasher again, it will likely have the high-flying capabilities that it had when it was first released.

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