Credit: Virtus Pro

Pure’s “Pro-Russia” War symbol costs Virtus.Pro the Major slot

Entire team paying for one kid's mistake.

Virtus Pro's carry player, Pure, got embroiled in a huge controversy when he drew the "Z" symbol on the minimap during an official DPC EEU match.

The "Z" symbol signifies support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a gesture that drew heavy backlash from the Dota 2 community.

Amid the heavy backlash, Pure issued a statement on the Virtus Pro/Outsiders social media handle claiming it as an "accident".

However, it was too late.

The DPC EEU organizer, Beyond The Summit, in consultation with Valve, decided to disqualify Virtus Pro from the DPC EEU Tour 2 Playoffs.

As a result, any hope of Virtus Pro attending the ESL One Stockholm Dota 2 Major, scheduled to begin on May 12, goes down the drain.