The new PUBG 19.2 patch is live and it features a food truck that is… quite interesting from a gameplay perspective. It’s fast – and more importantly, it’s tanky af. We’ll get back to that in a sec.

If you see the new PUBG food truck on Deston, do not think it’ll drop you free Chicken Dinners. It might be carrying enemies: The new PUBG food truck can carry four people, it drives 107 km/h (without boost) – and you can shoot out of the windows. Brilliant.

PUBG Food Truck is crazily tanky

Famous PUBG streamer WackyJacky just revealed that the food truck is quite tanky. Even tankier than the BRDM. Below you’ll find a video from the new PUBG 19.2 update and a comparison between the food truck and BDSM:

PUBG 19.2 patch notes

  • The Food Truck…
    • Can carry up to 4 passengers.
      • 2 in the front, 2 in the back
    • Features a large vertical and open window on one side of the van.
    • Has an awning positioned on the left side.
  • Health/HP: 3000
  • Max speed: ~107km/h
  • Max speed (boost): ~120km/h
  • Using the horn will instead play a special (and familiar) musical tune.
  • Only available in Deston.
    • Normal Matches, Custom Matches (Deston)
    • Unavailable in Custom Match – Esports Mode

PUBG 19.2 – new weather feature

The new 19.2 update in PUBG also features a new time-of-day weather feature on Deston. The weather will change from clear skies to a rainstorm. And the lightning will go from dawn to early morning, late afternoon and sunset over the course of a single match in PUBG 19.2.

  • One of the following cycles will be randomly chosen for each match:
    • Dawn to early morning
    • Clear weather to stormy weather
    • Storm to Clear weather
  • This feature does not support a full day-night cycle – only a short progression cycle will be shown with no drastic change to the the sun angle.
  • Only available in Deston.
    • Normal Matches

Other PUBG 19.2 patch notes

Map Optimizations

  • Added additional cover and loot to the island northwest of Ripton.
  • Added additional cover and fence adjustments to the southeast portion of Downtown Ripton, near the large art park.

  • Fixed blocked Ascenders on the steel bridge in Ripton.
  • Added additional vehicle cover to the roads going from Ripton to Los Arcos.
  • Added additional Ascenders to various skyscrapers downtown and to bridges in Ripton.
  • Reduced Lodge interior objects to smooth out player pathing.
  • Added Fuel Pumps to Buxley and Cavala.
  • Added additional structures to the area between Concert and Buxley.
  • Added additional cover near the swamp northwest of Buxley.
  • Added additional gameplay traversals in Ten Forts, Los Arcos, Turrita, El Koro, and Cavala.

  • Added Ascenders to 3-4 story apartments.
  • Made the concert stage floors less dark.
  • Fixed blocked pathing in seawall tunnels.
  • Added four additional Cell Towers.
  • Adjusted terrain in Holston Meadows.
  • Added more natural cover around following locations:
    • North and south of Buxley
    • North and east of Turrita
    • South of Arena
    • East of El Koro and inside El Koro
    • West of Assembly
    • North of Lodge
    • South of Sancarna

New animation refresh

Remember the dev letter on the upcoming Animation Refresh? The update is finally here – our goal with this update is to enhance player experience by improving and refining PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ animation presentation while retaining existing timing and strategy.

The motions should feel different but familiar, and a lot of care and effort went into making sure no timings were changed in this process.


PUBG Patch Report 19.2

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