Proximity chat in Warzone 2
Credit: Call of Duty


Proximity chat could spell disaster for Warzone 2 streamers

Proximity chat is coming to Warzone 2. While the beloved feature is bound to be a content goldmine, it could also land streamers in a real mess.

Popularized in games like DayZ and PUBG, proxy chat lets players talk to nearby enemies in the heat of battle.

Sure, this means hours of “funny moments” videos to enjoy – but there is a downside for creators…

Proximity chat is coming to Warzone 2

The proximity chat problem

Anyone in your lobby can speak to you with proximity chat. Cue hoards of 12-year-olds and incels hunting down Warzone 2 streamers to get their 5 seconds of fame.

Stream sniping is already a huge issue in Battle Royales and this takes it to the next level. Expect foul language, racial slurs, and copyrighted music to be blasted down the mic.

Not only will streamers want to protect their viewers from all this, but things could also get sketchy on the business side too. They risk picking up copyright strikes and maybe losing sponsorships, plus it’s just a recipe for unwanted drama.

Beware the banhammer

Luckily, it’s not all doom and gloom. We all remember those infamous Modern Warfare 2 lobbies, and so does Activision.

People are getting banned fast, even in the Beta. In a recent episode of The OpTic Podcast, Warzone pro Bobby “BobbyPoff” Poffenbarger explained that big streamers will be able to send clips to the devs to have snipers suspended.

There will also likely be an in-game report system and other ways of detecting toxic proximity chat users.

So be careful. Say the wrong thing and you’ll need more than a trip to the Gulag to get back online. You might just have to go and play COD Warzone Mobile instead.

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