Mixed reactions from Pros and Talents on Train’s removal from active map pool

CS:GO devs blessed the community with some big changes in its latest update, one of them being the removal of Train from the Active Duty Group and being replaced by Ancient.

The latest development has elicited mixed reactions from many industry experts, and frankly speaking, it has been a pleasure to get a glimpse on their ways of accepting change.

Let’s take a look at some of the reactions from pros and talents alike on the changes.

s1mple being simple

Perhaps the best reaction is that of Sasha, arguably the best player to have ever graced the CS:GO scene.

Valde bids adieu to Train

Valde seems excited with the latest update and is looking forward to having “fun”. Calm down Valde, lets not get ahead of ourselves!

Emotional James Banks

Charismatic talent, James Banks, is visibly upset and emotional on the removal of Train, his favourite map of all time.

EliGE speaks the bitter truth

Elige braces us with some hard-hitting truth while others are still in denial. Way to go breaking our hearts Elige, GG!

dev1ce with his serious question

dev1ce’s response just shows his commitment of being serious at all times, under any given circumstance. Guy’s got a lot on his plate since joining Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Bleh playing winner-winner Chicken dinner

Bleh is really set on his priorities, playing cock, although not in the literal sense of what just came to your mind, ugh!

Tarik on fire

Self explanatory, check it out!

Was your initial reaction to the change along the same lines?

Have a safe journey my beloved Train!

“Farewell my beloved friend, have a safe journey”
Nostalgic Train lover

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