Pros accused of stream sniping via coach in Cash Cup

The Fortnite trio of Nani, Dusky, and Okis has been accused of stream sniping during a solo cash cup with the help of his coach, Captor.

The accusations had it that Captor was viewing the game in Replay Mode, while feeding information about Llamas, Pads, and more to the team.

Nani went live to review his VOD and prove his innocence, but that only added to the problem when a clip surfaced of an exchange between the team and their coach.

Captor told the team that he was watching the stream of the second place team, to which one player asked, "where are they at?"

In a Twitlonger, Captor addressed the accusation and said that it was a misunderstanding.

Captor admitted that the exchange and stream-watching was a mistake, but that the team was only asking for Jelty's points - the team that was in second place.

"Nani, Dusky and Okis did NOT ask for me to check on their points, nor have they ever in the past. It was a complete 1 off horrible mistake that will not happen again on my part, and is not at all their faults as to that happening," Captor wrote on Twitter.

Such controversies are relatively commonplace in Fortnite, and I don't expect any action to be taken ahead of the Grand Royale next weekend.

We have seen pro players suspended for similar infractions, but Epic have been inconsistent with their rulings on such potential rule breaks.

We'll update you if any further action is taken.