Credit: LoL Esports

Prepare your LEC SuperFantasy lineups for 2022!

Let the fun begin! The LEC is back for its 2022 spring split edition, so is SuperFantasy. LEC fans can once again build their fantasy teams and compete against others.

It all comes down to one’s knowledge of the league, and to one’s intuition. If you think you have what it takes, you can show it directly on the game mode. Do note that you can change your lineup daily, at any point before the LEC show starts on that day.

For those who haven’t dabbled into LEC SuperFantasy in its previous iterations, the website allows participants to set up rosters according to the cards available to them, compete against friends with their lineups, and to show support for an LEC team of their choosing.

Players receive free 0-cost cards initially, and they can receive card packs with more powerful cards. A card’s power is linked to the player or coach it represents, and to its rarity:

  • Blue cards can support one extra item, allowing for a player to score more points depending on the item chosen
  • Purple cards support two extra items per player
  • Golden cards support a maximum of three

As cards are not all equal, fantasy lineups are limited to a set budget of “points” they can use—said points serving as the total cost of the lineup. Items also have rarity ranks, with more powerful item descriptions being higher in value.

There is a lot more to it, but one’s wallet can help a player win as card packs are readily available for purchase. However, SuperFantasy is free-to-play, and high rankers who haven’t spent a dime are not that rare.